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About us
Welcome to Exousia, a leading consultancy dedicated to catalyzing entrepreneurial success and fostering innovation on a global scale. With a steadfast commitment to advancing visionary startups, Exousia stands as a dynamic incubator and accelerator at the forefront of innovation.
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Our expertise encompasses a wide array of domains, including the strategic definition of financial structures, industrial processes, commercial strategies, promotional endeavors, and marketing initiatives. We pride ourselves on offering personalized mentoring and professional training activities, ensuring that entrepreneurs are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Exousia is power, power of shared succes

In essence, Exousia is more than a consultancy – we are your dedicated partner in the journey towards entrepreneurial success. With a focus on nurturing innovative ideas and projects, we offer a suite of services designed to empower entrepreneurs. From crafting meticulous business plans to securing funding, Exousia is here to provide the resources, expertise, and connections needed to thrive in a competitive global landscape. Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities with Exousia.
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Dott. Maurizio Cari
head audytor
Avv. Silvia Paciello
Board of Statutory Auditors
Luca Mais
Board of Statutory Auditors
Rag. Simona Tramontozzi
Board of Statutory Auditors
Anna Sitek
advisor cfo
Massimiliano Gattoni
CEO and board chair
Bartłomiej Hejnar
advisor and head of legal
Klaudia Niwecka
Head of incubation
Tomasz Szewczyk
financial director
Joanna Czyż-Zielińska
legal team
Aleksandra Tarasek - Zatyka
legal team
Beata Shyaka
African relations
Jean Bosco Mutangana
rwanda proxy
Łukasz Zatyka
egyptian relations
Alessandro Viola Cortes
Tax & Accountancy
Karolina Poddenek